“In even the most perfect reproduction, one thing is lacking: the here and now of the work of art-its unique existence in a particular place.

It is this unique existence-and nothing else-that bears the mark of the history to which the work has been subject.”

Walter Benjamin.

We have all seen images online that purport to show famous artworks, the quality of these images varies greatly and it is likely that most of us have, at some point, mentioned to someone that “this version doesn’t do it justice”. The quality of an artwork rests as much in the experience of it in person as it does in the quality of its craftsmanship, it is rare that you can truly fall in love with a piece without seeing it in person.
These images form an abstract reworking of the 10 most expensive paintings ever sold at auction* at the time of this series, each image is created by sourcing multiple variations of the original via a search engine. The digital version are then blended in specialist software and resized to the same dimensions as the original paintings. The variations in colour, size and resolution create an abstract version of famous images. The digital images that make up these pieces often become poor facsimiles and at times may be the only version that some people may see.

*This was true only at the time this work was created, these works have now been superceeded by new sales.