Ricoh GR-D in the real world…

So, the question for me was, can one of the new APS-C size cameras cover some of the jobs I use my DSLR for? The essentials are all there, larger sensors size, decent ISO performance up to 800, fast wide angle lens…… Where could it go wrong?

There is only one way to find out, and that is to get out and use it. It is obvious that this type of camera works a treat for street shooting, but can it deal with some of the heavier jobs?

With the BNP march in London being met head on by Anti-racism groups I had the chance to really put the new Ricoh GR Digital through its paces.

Overall, it performed exceptionally well, I missed the reach of some of my DSLR lenses, it’s never easy to get through the police lines and a 28mm just leaves you a bit far from the action sometimes. The camera dealt with the changeable lighting without hesitation, the response time was spot on and the results speak for themselves. I would be happy to submit any of the shots I took yesterday alongside any previous work at events such as this and I’m fairly sure that without the metadata no picture editors would question their provenance.

I’m not going to go into specifications and pedantic details, there is no need. The camera works, simple as that. It will be used on further jobs and will probably see more action than my Nikon (just the body and my main lens comes in at 2kg) on some long term projects, but won’t replace it for the studio work and commercial work. So, all the obvious things that you probably already knew before you started reading this…..

In short, its great and I am very happy with the results so far, nice one Ricoh, thanks.