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Santa Claus is coming to town…

The ever wonderful Santacon descended on London again December 14th. This early event lets Santa blow off a little steam before getting his head down for the Christmas slog. More details on Santacon itself can be found here and for the London event specifically here. The event is not affiliated with any organisation, but if you […]


Tube trains.

I’m going to start drip feeding a few of the images from a book I’m (very) slowly putting together. I have several years worth of photos taken on the London Underground, it’s always been a fascinating place for me. I hope these photos give some of the vibe of the daily journeys carried out by […]


Glastonbury 2013

I thought you may all like to see a few shots from around the site as it at the moment. The good news is that the ground is currently dry (currently…) and the production crew builds are all going up smoothly (seemingly). I’d love to show you more, but that would ruin all of the […]

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Ricoh GR-D in the real world…

So, the question for me was, can one of the new APS-C size cameras cover some of the jobs I use my DSLR for? The essentials are all there, larger sensors size, decent ISO performance up to 800, fast wide angle lens…… Where could it go wrong? There is only one way to find out, […]


Within a square mile…

  Sometimes you have to have restrictions to find a way of working. This series was shot within a boundary of one square mile of Spitafields market over several days.   12″x12″, Open edition, Metallic Lambda print on Dibond aluminium  Backing. £70 Inclusive of shipping anywhere in the UK.

Slit scan camera music video

Lovely little video using a scanning camera and revolving platform. This uses a technique called Slit-scan, I’m not going to go into the details of it here, these guys explain it much better than I ever could. There is of course as always an app to approximate it………. Slit-scan App Kenton Slash Demon · Ore […]

A close reading of two texts.

This piece was written for university. The assingment was to chose two texts for a close reading, then compare and contrast their respective approaches to photography. It is fa from my best piece of writing and with hindsight I would not have chosen two texts that were so different in approach and context, but it was an interesting exercise to […]